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As the publication The Scottish Farmer said in 2019, “few dairy farmers have increased production as much as the Wannop family from Heaton Hall Farm.”  Now, thanks to the professional R&D tax reclaim service provided by Growthviser, the research and development work that has underpinned such productivity has been rewarded through a successful R&D Tax Claim. 

As a go-ahead farm, the ForFarmers Excellence Award winner 2017, which impressed judges with its dairy feed efficiencies, has long embraced innovation, but had no idea that its investment in new processes, techniques and research could be rewarded by a tax reimbursement.  Meeting Growthviser’s farm-friendly specialists, who speak the language of farmers, soon filled a knowledge gap and a meeting led to a process that has resulted in money coming back from HMRC, for reinvestment into the business. 

The farm is completely driven in its efforts to increase milk yield, through methodologies such as sub-dividing the herd into different lactation profiles and treating each sub-group of cows differently, in terms of feed management.  It has looked at new ways of managing everything from silage to slurry and changed key processes within animal welfare, to the herd’s benefit.  Both the herd and its profitability have grown, thanks to its attention to detail and continual belief in using research and development to drive improvement and better manage important areas which could deliver marginal gains, such as calving intervals. 

As owner, Joe Wannop, says: “the key is to work smarter, not harder”, R&D activities facilitate this and the farm has now had its reward, not just through phenomenal advances in productivity and efficiency but also through a successful R&D Tax Claim, managed by Growthviser. 

Joe also says, “We love what we do and have always pushed ourselves to become better and more efficient within our farming processes.”  With Growthviser now on board, that ongoing drive for continuous improvement should become even more focused and see R&D Tax Claims being optimised and secured, for many years to come. 

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