R&D Tax Credits  Farming & Food Manufacturing Booklet

British farmers and Food manufacturers are rightly considered to be among the most innovative in the world. They regularly seek opportunities to improve the performance of their business, experimenting with new ingredients,  techniques, and tools. But many don’t even know that their innovations could attract tens of thousands of pounds of tax relief from HMRC that could be re-invested into their future projects.

Growthviser's R&D booklet will help you to answer the questions below. 

  • Which R&D tax credit is right for SME business? 
  • How far back can you claim R&D tax credits?
  • What activities qualify for the R&D tax credit?
  • Which costs qualify?
  • What costs do not qualify?
  • How to build a claim?
  • How to claim R&D tax relief?
  • R&D tax credits Processing Times
  • MAXIMISING YOUR CLAIM                        

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